From the desk of the Vice President:‚Äč

The year is rapidly coming to an end and many of the spruce up projects are done. We, of the Architectural Committee, thank everyone for your cooperation. Please continue to advise us of your upcoming projects. Wish you a great holiday season from all of the Architectural Committee.

From the desk of the HOA Board Member-at-Large

Of the many places I have lived, this neighborhood ranks right at the top for friendly neighbors. As I walked the neighborhood, trying to keep this old body working, I am always pleased with how many people we have in our area. Waving, stoppng to talk or just saying hi to our dog really makes this area a great place to live. Now that it's cooling off, I suggest we all get out, get some exercise and say hi to our neighbors, we are a great bunch of people.

From the desk of the Secretary:

As a long time Board Member, I urge everyone of you to get involved with the HOA. Run for a Board position. Meetings are about an hour long and happens six (6) times a year. I have enjoyed my time on the Board very much, but it is time for others to get involved.

The Viewpoint West Quarterly Update

October, 2018 

From the desk of the Treasurer:

Summer has gone very quickly. Because of monsoon rains, several fines were given for weeds, If you received a fine, please get it paid to DHB Management to avoid future problems. Notices will be sent in December for your $55 HOA dues. Prompt payment of dues is greatly appreciated so we have the funds for expenses. I hope you had a wonderful summer. Please consider running for an office for our HOA. Notice forms will be sent out in October.

From the desk of the Board President

Hello everyone,

Well, Summer is over and Fall is here. Hopefully you've had a great summer. Just a couple of points to keep our neighborhood great:

     1.  Please do not park on the gravel areas of your property. I know sometimes we have visitors or too many cars to fit in the driveways, buy according to our CC&R's, you are not permitted to park on anything except the concrete driveway. This might be a good time to clean out the garage to make room to park inside.

     2.  As you know, we have many people who walk in our neighborhood. On trash pickup day it can be a real challenge to dodge all the garbage cans on the sidewalk. Please put your garbage can in the street next to the curb (that's why it's called "curbside pick"). Our streets are wide enough to handle the vehicle traffic so the garbage can at the curb will not be a problem.

     3. Speaking of our streets and traffic; it is against the law to park on the sidewalk, I know some people do it so as to allow more room on the streets for cars, etc. but, again, we have many people who walk and they should not have to walk around cars parked on sidewalks.

     4.  As you know, property values in our neighborhood are going up rapidly. Our homes are worth much more than they were just a few years ago. One reason for this increased value is how we maintain our properties. Weed season is not over just yet; please keep an eye out for new weeds and take care of them before they really become visible. Remember, we have two monthly inspections by the HOA board trying to keep our neighborhood's value up to its full potential. Please help all of us to keep your property looking as good a possible.

     5.  HOA board terms are for one year. Elections for next year are coming up soon. If you would like to become involved in making certain our neighborhood continues to be the great place to live that it is, please volunteer to serve on the board or on one of the committees.