Road Projects. Wondering if there will be new road

construction performed on Viewpoint Drive or anywhere else you might

be traveling?  We are including a link to the Arizona Department of

Transportation  (ADOT) to help answer your questions.

Rules for Feeding Wildlife. The State of Arizona has a law against feeding wildlife because of the dangers. Because of those dangers, the HOA has added a new rule which is

"Ground feeding of any wildlife will not be allowed". (This rule is included in the updated Rules and Regulations.) The no ground feeding wildlife rule includes "quail blocks" which attract skunks, something that can become a serious and costly problem. ​

​​The Monetary Penalties for Rules ViolationsThe document, in PDF form, reflects the actions taken by the Board of Directors during the June 20, 2007 General Meeting. This is the exact document that was mailed by A-1 Community Management and is to be used as a reference until the Board of Directors releases revisions to the Viewpoint West HOA Governing Documents for inclusion on this Website. (This Item will remain here for reference until action is completed by Board of Directors.) Document can be found of HOA Management link.