Viewpoint West HOA

Website Committee:    Nancy Dutcher - Webmaster

​​​Architecture Committee:  

Two documents are provided for your convenience. Please click on the documents you desire, view, save and print. Documents are in PDF format.

                 Architecture Guidelines                            Architectural Design Form                                                                                     

Board of Directors and

 Committee Member Pictures

Board of Directors:

Members of the Board of Directors are elected by

residents of Viewpoint West for a term of one (1) year.

The number of officers elected can vary depending of the needs of the

community. In the event that a position is vacated in midterm, that vacancy will be filled by the Board of Directors. Currently, there are five individuals who comprise of the 2016 Board. 

      President -             

Vice President - Jack Dutcher

Secretary - Shirley McGowen

Treasurer - Patty Sager

At Large - Ron Aljets