Viewpoint West HOA

Called to order: by President Doug Jack at 7 PM.
Quorum established: Board Members present are Vice President Jack Dutcher, President Doug Jack, Secretary Shirley McGowan, Director Ron Aljets, and Treasurer Patti Sager.  Bob Balzano represented DHB Management.
Approval of May minutes: Jack motioned to approve minutes as written seconded by Patti.
President report: Community looks pretty good, not many weeds.
Treasurer’s report: given by Bob Balzano of DHB.  He gave our assets and liabilities.  Still looking for missing money.   Shirley motioned to approve the report seconded by Doug.
Architectural report: There were 4 requests and all were approved.
Website report: Altogether there were 2107 hits in June and July.
Management Report: Bob of DHB reported there had been a few homeowner calls.  DHB has gotten the homeowners addresses up to
date.  The Board is emailed financial reports and drive through reports.  There are 3 homes in escrow and new owners have been sent packets.
Old business: Doug spoke with the bank and changed mailing address from Don Rakovic  to DHB.  Need to have 3 signatures on file with banks  These people need to go to Amtrust, BMO Harris and Country banks to put in new signature cards.  These people are: Bob Balzano manager of DHB, Treasurer Patti Sager, and Vice President Jack Dutcher.  Need to change statutory agent from Liberty Management to DHB Management.  Bob will go in and have it changed.  Doug will see about articles of corporation.  Board will decide later if we want to close any accounts.

Jack reported that a finance committee had been formed with Jack, Patti and Ron.  Wants finance committee to meet with tax and accountant persons before Sept. meeting.  At Sept. meeting the Treasurer will give update on all financials.  Also the committee will submit a budget at that time.  Jack will check with Parks and Rec. about rental of room for next year.  As soon as all accounts are set up checks will require 2 signatures.

New business: Skunk trapping was discussed. Jack will check to see where the traps are placed.  Things will stay the same.

Ron motioned to adjourn, seconded by Shirley Meeting adjourned at 7:58.
Shirley McGowan

​            Viewpoint West HOA Homeowner’s Meeting

         Wednesday, July 19, 2017 Meeting
          Location:  Prescott Valley Civic Center

                7501 E. Civic Circle, Room 331,

                  Prescott Valley, AZ 86314