​            Viewpoint West HOA Homeowner’s Meeting

Wednesday, July18, 2018
  Location:  Prescott Valley Civic Center

 7501 E. Civic Circle, Room 331,

    Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Meeting called to order:  by president Jack Dutcher at 7 pm.

Quorum established:  Board members present: Vice President Ron Aljets, Director Shirley Goerlach, President Jack Dutcher, secretary Shirley McGowan, treasurer Patty Segar.  Bob Balzano was there from DBH management company.

Approval of May minutes: Patty motioned to approve May minutes as written, seconded by Ron.  Passed.

President’s report:

We will not resume skunk removal as there have been no complaints. We have and have used the stamp for the CC&R’s to be sent to new residents. There is a quarterly update on the website along with the information for the code red. Jack reported on the seminar on law changes for HOA’s.  Patty asked about fines.  Bob will look up our fine schedule and will discuss it at our Sept. meeting.

Treasurer’s report: the budget is on track.  When Patty gets the notice of the CD maturing we will discuss how much money will be held out before renewing the CD.  Past due HOA’s dues and fines were discussed.

Committee reports:

Architectural committee: There have been 6 requests, 5 approved and one pending.

Social committee: Shirley G. reported that the garage sale went well.  The signs helped.  2 were not given back.  The Board wants to thank Shirley G for all her work on the yard sale.  It was decided that we might change the date of the community yard sale.  The association will not have a fall sale.

Management report: Bob reported that there have been a few calls about the late fees and intent to lien notices and questions about architectural concerns.  He also spoke about the monthly inspections in July and stated that dates for August needed to be set up.  Bob said that the management fees would probably be raised.

Old Business: There was no old business to be discussed.

New Business: Jack reported that some homeowners had received a card about a website Nextdoor Viewpoint where things could be posted.  Bob and Jack will check it out to be sure it isn’t some kind of scam.  The webmaster will see if there is some way a private part of our website can be set up for the community to use.  The Board will discuss a community Bar B Q at the September meeting.

Homeowners: A new homeowner asked about parking on the landscape.  She had gotten a letter.  She was told that was against our CC&R’s.

Meeting adjourned at 8:01

Shirley McGowan