Meeting called to Order by Doug Jack at 7:10 pm. 

Quorum established Board Members present: Doug Jack, Ron Aljets, Jack Dutcher and Shirley McGowan. Don Rakovic was absent.

Approval of November Minutes: Shirley motioned to approve November minutes, seconded by Ron.

President’s Report: Doug gave update on old management company and introduced new management company.

Treasurer’s Report: Bob of DHB gave the report as Don was absent. Bob said they would get together with Don to get the records together for income tax. Jack motioned to accept the report, seconded by Shirley.

Architectural Report: There have been 4 requests, 2 were approved and 2 are pending.
Website Report: It is up and running. New Board members’ names must be sent to webmaster.

Management Report: Bob gave a discussion on violations, letters and fines. DHB has received the paper from Liberty, but all electronics have been taken by police. The homeowner’s database has been set up and financial records are up to date. They will drive through 2 times a month. Last drive through had 11 violations and letters were sent. Next drive through will be Jan. 26th a Thursday. 

Old Business: Fall cleanup looks pretty good.

New Business: Doug discussed board positions and duties. Opened the floor for nominations for Board positions. Jack nominated Doug Jack for President, seconded by Ron. Doug nominated Jack Dutcher for Vice President, seconded by Shirley. Jack nominated Shirley McGowan for secretary, seconded by Doug. Shirley nominated Don Rakovic for Treasurer, seconded by Jack. Shirley nominated Ron Aljets for Director, seconded by Jack. All Board members accepted the positions.

Ron motioned to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:08 pm.
Shirley McGowan

​            Viewpoint West HOA Homeowner’s Meeting

              Wednesday, January 18, 2017
          Location:  Prescott Valley Civic Center

                7501 E. Civic Circle, Room 331,

                  Prescott Valley, AZ 86314